The Rights and Wrongs of Professional Wrestling

is a term sort of borrowed from Rick Rude circa 1997.

I’m watching Raw after Mania 27 and i’m thinking ‘Rock – Cena at Mania 28’ – fair play to them for resisting the idea to do it at Summerslam. Why not let the feud build over the best part of a year, Rock won’t be around much in all likelihood and Cena is free to fight elsewhere, and from time to time they can add little bits and pieces to it.

I always felt WWE misses a trick in not having their top guys have little off-shoots to their main feuds, much like what they did around the late 90’s era, it keeps the main feud fresh without having to put the 2 guys in the ring together in tags and 6-mans and all kinds of variations. I mean if you’re trying to sell a PPV around 2 guys having a fight, why would you build up to it by having them fight? As Raven put it on one of his secrets of the ring series, you wouldn’t build to a Boxing PPV match between 2 fighters by having them box, it doesn’t work too well in Pro-Wrestling either.

So good idea, Cena-Rock in Miami, terrible execution. They shook hands twice, buried the Corre some more, probably had a hearty laugh and high fived for the live crowd after the cameras stopped rolling. Maybe they should have had a kiss. Word on the street (net) is that WWE sees Mania as a season finale in fitting with the whole emphasis on Entertainment in big neon letters. That’s their deal, but they are shitting on pro-wrestling. Listen, the hardcore that watch every show and PPV aren’t going anywhere. They are often the most vocal but they are also taken for granted. Some of them bitch and moan about the product, but the only way you’ll get through is to stop watching the TV shows and stop buying PPV’s. The celebrities and mainstream stuff brings in another audience, and if the business is hot or in a boom period with lots of stars on the roster there’ll be yet another audience. Well there’s a lack of star power in WWE no doubt. And there’s not celebrities and hollywood stuff every week, so the people that are keeping them ticking along are often the people who dislike the product the most, plus the infants and the females.

I was convinced a couple of months back or so that Taker was going 19 and 0 against Trips, then was gonna get the big match with Cena @ 28, go 20 and 0, and retire. Seems out the question now, so let’s do Taker-Trips at Summerslam and not Mania shall we ? I’m thinking now I fancy Undertaker vs CM Punk for 28. (Don’t rule out the possibility that Taker COULD sit out 28 if they really want to do the Cena thing, which was apparantly the plan at one point, although the ramifications of no Taker at Mania could be not good)

At this point I guess they can’t plan too far ahead with Taker, who I gotta say is an unbelievable man, my fav of all time and i’ve been watching him for 20 years, but what with age/injuries they just have to play it by ear, and although 20 and 0 has a nice ring to it who knows. (Taker-HBK III is a vicious, vicious rumour !)

Speaking of Vicious, I watched that film with the STARS of TNA Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash and Psycho Sid Vicious (think it’s called Edge of Darkness) and it was fucking shocking, even though I was expecting it to be bad, but well worth a chuckle to see Nash and Sid all zombie eyed



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