Retro-booking the Nexus

Wrestlemania was less than a week ago and I’m struggling to remember what Wade Barrett did that night. It’s some fall from the rumoured Taker/Barrett match I was sort of expecting for Mania at one point, and I bet it was what the company had planned. It wouldn’t have been the right thing to do, that’s pretty obvious looking at it now.

Nexus was a unique stable, largely a bunch of unknowns before NXT, who made a massive impact that night they filled in Cena and Punk and trashed the arena. That was a great angle and executed well, that’s including the announcer getting choked out with his own tie. They were intelligent and methodical in their attacks. Stables of yesterday often stormed the ring, Nexus played it smarter than that, Barrett pulling the strings like a general. It wasn’t a gimmick or catchphrase-heavy set of guys, just youth, brains and numbers.

It faded pretty quick, Otunga did too much talking, Barrett did too much telling off, I thought the whole angle with Cena having to join Nexus was pretty botched as well. What made Nexus fresh and interesting just took a back seat to bad booking.

I’d have run with plan A. You’ve got a set of guys who don’t want to pay dues and don’t respect the veterans. They’ve got a common goal, prominence on the roster. This is a time when stables are generally a thing of the past and there’s a sense that Nexus are taking advantage of it. There aren’t any rival stables or cliques or alliances to band together and fight ’em fairly. This is the case, so sell it on TV. Course, don’t use wrestling talk like that, talk about a gang running roughshod on a patch where there are no rival gangs, or something to that effect.

Barrett wants a big singles title, perhaps 2 other guys want the tag belts. They all want to get noticed. No catch-phrases, no gimmicks, no backstage skits and dramas, Barrett talks in the ring and the others stand there nodding. When they all hit the ring to kick someones ass it’s dramatic – they surround the ring, pair off, cover the aisle, take their time. It’s cagey and tactical. Let’s say Cena is in the ring. There’s so much mileage to be had from this scenario, Cenas rushing from one side of the ring to the next, trying to take the head off whoevers attempting to roll in. They back off, waiting for the right moment to strike. The Nexus are all talking to each other, pointing, yelling, working like a team to get in there and take Cena down without casualties. Cena’s seriously spinning plates until the inevitable, they make it inside and the beatdown takes place.

A beat down that ends with Justin Gabriels splash off the top. And yeah he hesitates, looks nervous, stalls, then nails it. Booked properly Gabriel ought to have been the break-out babyface of the group. While Barrett is pushed for the top title, and another pair chase the tag belts, Gabriel could have been pushed very subtley as the more likely to rebel, perhaps the most sympathetic as he’s told to hit the splash on people perhaps he’d rather not, maybe even a woman, and over time looks more sickened and pissed off at what he’s being asked to do. With the right booking it could have lead to a great spot where Barrett and an opponent is down, Gabriel hits the ring and gets up top, and teases he’s gonna hit Barrett. It would be a great way to complete the babyface turn and elevate Gabriel. Grabriel intially shines for the first few weeks, Barrett eventually gets the upper hand and dominates like a big fucking bully, you get a blowoff at a decent PPV. It might be an off-shoot to Barretts persuit of the title, perhaps Gabriels going after a midcard championship. There’d be lots of room to play it.

It would have run it’s course as does everything and at that point i’d have no problem with CM Punk becoming leader and adding a fresh dynamic before the stable disbands completely. Admittedly in reality the company were also unlucky with Skip Sheffields injury and the Danielson situation wasn’t ideal either, although DanyBryanial has recovered to a degree.

Interesting how we’ve got an Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman and a Welshman on the main roster, never thought I’d see the day. Speaking of the Irishman, it’s fucking criminal how they’ve pooped on Sheamus. He was a badass mofo, but someone somewhere decided to dim the lights by making him run from the Nexus screaming for his big nemesis Cena. Didn’t much care for the King get-up either. Not surprising that the big fella was blackballed from the Mania card, just a fucking shame that WWE have dropped the ball with him, in fact it’s another nail in their coffin. There is such a shortage of credible main-event level stars, your lucky to get a talent like Sheamus and he lets nobody down, then you fucking hamstring him when you should be protecting him and pushing him to the moon. Makes no sense to me


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