“getting over”

kofi kingston was put over sheamus at the PPV, but no-one gives a shit, because sheamus has been putting everyone over since some bright spark in the office decided that sheamus needed to be sat on. kofi gets the minimal rub, the sheamus burial goes on.

rewind 13 years. When the rock turned heel following a brief run as a babyface at survivor series 1998, everyone got over. One year on from Montreal, vince was a red-hot heel. the rock shunning the fans and aligning himself with this bastard got him over huge.

Vince endorsing rock as ‘his champion’ the ‘corporate champion’ put steve austin over even further as a babyface because vince had made it his lifes obsession to keep the belt off of austin, because he didn’t want a man like steve austin and what he stood for to represent the WWF as their champion, and the rock on the face of it was the polar opposite of steve austin, so rock’s got huge heat, and now the fans are even more behind austin than ever before because the rock has fucked them over and they want austin to kick his and vince ass.

Vince gets further over as the heel chairman/principle owner/whatever it was he referred to himself as in the late 90’s. Many people are pissed off at him for what he did to bret in 1997, and one year on he’s fucking rubbed it in their faces by pulling the same stunt and taking away the rock from the people as he’s building babyface momentum.

Mankind got ‘screwed’ and in the process got over some more as they moved him away from his deranged persona into a more sympathetic, increasingly babyface figure. He would gather momentum and support culminating in a title win the following year.

Of course it’s not as simple as that. They all needed to be over prior to survivor series for any of it to work, or no-one would care.

So going back to kofi and sheamus. it’s not the best example, it’s not a big angle they’ve built to and it’s not the top stars, but it’s the most recent example, the extreme rules PPV was last night. I’ve not been watching enough WWE to understand what they are doing with kofi, perhaps they’re not trying to get him over at this point, but if they are then going over sheamus just isn’t going to get him over, because in terms of jobbing out (which is what sheamus is mainly doing) if everyone goes over, no-one gets over. If sheamus has been made to look weak, kingstons not gonna look strong for beating him. Another effect is Danielsons been made to look stupid for losing his strap to this jobber in the first place. So who gets over next time they beat Danielson/Daniel Bryan?


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