Thank you Paul

Reflecting back on the WWF/E career of the Undertaker and his on / off manager Paul Bearer.

As a kid growing up in the UK with WWF TV available on satellite TV, and tape-trading taking place at school, the slightly cartoony world of the WWF and Hulk Hogan, and in particular Undertaker and Paul Bearer caught my attention.

Then in my teens we had ‘Attitude’ – and watching the weekly antics of Taker and Bearer and those around them, Mick Foley, Kane – shaped my imagination like nothing else before or since. Lots of what I do creatively with music, writing, whatever it may be is influenced by this group of men. The characters, the story-telling, the adrenaline that would be pumping for 2 hours straight during an episode of Raw is War.

Nowaday in my late 20’s and slightly disillusioned with the general state of professional wrestling, I take great pleasure watching the ‘shoot’ interview DVD’s, and crack up laughing when I watch Bill ‘Paul Bearer’ Moody and Jim Cornette goofing off, and am thoroughly entertained by watching two legends talking wrestling.

The evolution of the relationship over the years between Undertaker and Paul Bearer, and the way it played out on TV, has been nothing short of enthralling. Organic, legitimate, exciting, forever memorable. A special thank you to these two for the years of entertainment – two iconic, talented individuals, neither who can ever be replaced or replicated, a pair of 100% genuine one-off’s. They are part of my childhood and young adulthood and will never be forgotten.

Between now and their deserved and inevitable H.O.F inductions, whenever that takes place, who is to say there won’t be a final chapter / epilogue in their story?


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